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As a user I want to change the categories of a document in an quick way


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      For delivering personalized experiences at scale, our customers need to deal with tons of images and media assets. Personalization leverages categorization to provide the best experience to the customers.


      Currently, Documents and Media does not provide a good experience when managing multiple assets. Our goal is to help our customers to categorize and tag documents and media assets at scale. But a special case when dealing with multiple assets is when we have selected just one. The goal of this story is to help our customers to edit the categories of an asset in a quick way.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • When a user selects an asset in DM, the user will be able to change categories in a quick way.
      • When a user is changing the categories in the single asset, the user will be able to see current categories and add new ones or remove the old ones.
      • When a user saves the operation, the system will notify the user of the operation result

      Use case

      1. Select one file in DM
      2. Click Edit Categories action in the Management Toolbar
      3. Select some Categories using Categories selector
      4. Click Save
      5. Feedback
      Step 1-2 Step 3-4 Step 5

      User Experience


      • Add modal window
      • Add action: "Edit Categories" within the management toolbar menu
      • Add quick action for "Edit Categories" using the Categories icon


      • When the user selects Edit Categories action then the Categories Edition modal is shown.
      • Modal Message: "You are editing the categories for #filename "
      • When the user clicks the Save button then a success alert is shown with the text "Success: Changes saved"
      • For now, the Edit Categories action is only available just for files (not for folders).
      • The management toolbar must contextualize when an item can be category-edited or not.


      If the new component is not ready yet we must use the current categories selector.


      • The default width is 600px.
      • The modal height is set in 380px and the modal must adapt its height when the content is higher than 380px.
      • If finally the new category selector is not ready and there is more than one vocabulary available, a category selector for each vocabulary will be shown. Due to this behavior, the modal must grow vertically. The modal window must adapt its height according the number of vocabularies shown and categories.

      The following thumbnails show measures/paddings/sizes for the bulk action case but valid for this case.

      Size Margins Paddings


        1. Edit Categories Action.png
          Edit Categories Action.png
          75 kB
        2. Edit Categories Modal.png
          Edit Categories Modal.png
          74 kB
        3. Edit Categories Success.png
          Edit Categories Success.png
          68 kB
        4. Margins.png
          61 kB
        5. Paddings.png
          58 kB
        6. Sizes.png
          60 kB

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