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As a user I want to change the tags of several documents in the same pagination in an quick way


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      For delivering personalized experiences at scale, our customers need to deal with tons of images and media assets. Personalization leverages categorization to provide the best experience to the customers.


      Currently, Documents and Media does not provide a good experience when managing multiple assets. Our goal is to help our customers to categorize and tag documents and media assets at scale. The goal of this story is to help our customers to edit the tags of several assets select from the same pagination in DM.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • When a user selects several assets in DM, the user will be able to change tags in a quick way.
      • When a user is changing the tags the asset will be able to append new tags to the old ones or to replace the old ones with the new ones.
      • When a user saves the operation, the system will notify the user of the operation result

      Use case

      1. Select two or more assets in DM
      2. Click Edit Tags action in the Management Toolbar
      3. Select some Tags using Tags selector
      4. Click Save
      5. Feedback
      Step 1-2 Step 3-4 Step 5

      User Experience


      • Modal message: "You are editing the common tags for #numfiles items. Select append or replace current tags: "
      • If all the items selected have common tags, those tags must appear in the tags selector when the modal is shown. Else if true the tags selector must appear empty.
      • There are two options to add tags in Multiple Selection:
        • Append: It keeps the tags added previously and adds the new ones selected.
        • Replace: It removes the current tags and adds the new ones selected.
      • Each option has a message below:
        • Append -> "Add new tags to the already existing tags"
        • Replace -> "New tags replace all existing tags"
      • Append option is selected by default.
      • When the user clicks the Save button then a success alert is shown with the text "Success: Changes saved".


      Follow the same rules described for the same case editing categories


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