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      To improve bulk actions experience, we need to change the way we add or remove categories. The goal of this story is to implement a new categories input component based on the label input field component done by the Frontend Infrastructure team.

      User Experience


      • Add a label-input field
      • Move current Select button
      • Add autocomplete feature
      • Apply category-label styles



      While a user is typing, the system suggests existing categories without the user needing to type them in full.
      The user must select a category from the suggested categories list or select one from the category modal selector.

      The difference with the default autocomplete behavior for categories is users are not able to add a new category using comma or pressing enter key.

      • If an existing category is typed and the user press key, the category label is added.
      • If else an error is shown saying “#thetypedcategory category doesn’t exist" and the string typed remains in the input.


      Category Modal Selector

      When a user clicks “Select” the Category Modal Selector shows. The user selects one or more categories and when the user clicks "Add" the categories are added as labels in the label-input field.


      Apply the design and style rules defined by Lexicon with the following changes:

      Category Labels

      The style of the labels within has been changed to be more related to the current style of a category label in Portal.

      • Label Background Color: Main Lighten 28% desat 5% - HEX: #6B6C7E**



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