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      Description: This test ensures that users receive a notification in portal when a document is shared to them, and that clicking on that notification navigates them to the Shared With Me app.
      Setup: DM widget is added to page, Show Actions is enabled for this widget, user is added (this user doesn't need any permissions or roles assigned to him)

      Test Steps:

      1. Add a new document: Document_1.doc
      2. Edit permissions for this document. Disable View and Add Discussion permissions for Guest.
      3. Under document options, click Share
      4. Invite new user to collaborate by adding his email address on the field
      5. Assert sharing permissions is set to view by default
      6. Click Share
      7. Sign out and login as the new user
      8. Assert notifications badge display (1)
      9. Go to notifications
      10. Assert notification displays: Test Test has shared Document_1.doc with you for viewing
      11. Click on notification
      12. Assert user is navigated to Shared With Me
      13. Assert document details are displayed
      14. Click on info
      15. Assert info panel displays


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