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      API Data definition is the first epic on forms 7.2 roadmap. it will include different stories in order to delivery the minimum viable to execute CRUD operations on data definitions. We also may have stories not directly related to CRUD operations but they remain relevant to the MVP and related to the data definition. 


      Allow developers to quickly assemble business applications that can scale and be flexible.

      Business reason

      Reduce the time for IT to deliver applications for the business. Reduced costs- data collection is automated through apps.

      Use case

      TGF - Car Insurance

      TGF Car Insurance uses Liferay for its portal and intranet solution. But, it is becoming a very well known, and because of this, a  popular insurance company with a high level of demand. In the other hand, the lack of efficiency could be dangerous and cost much-needed revenue if guests are unhappy with the experience. Then, the company needs a way to extend your reach through an on-line insurance quotation, in order to deliver an easy and practical way for its clients renew their car insurance and also achieve new customers.


      Alice - Admin User

      The insurance company does not have an on-line quotation service. Right now, they have only a sheet from each insurance agent to register all the clients renews and new quotations, but the sheet is not efficient. Alice needs to create an application in other to deliver a more practical and comfortable way to the audience make an online quotation. Also, this same form quotation should be available on the company’s web site l and both form entries should be recorded on the same repository (record collection)

      Alice will use the sheet columns as fields in the new application for insurance quotation (data definition). When the definition is done, she will create lists for different categories that will use fields of this definition. Alice then decided to edit the form (definition) and the list to correct a mistake that she made. After creating the form (data definitions) and record collection (lists), she will import the sheet data from the Revenue department. Alice needs to set the permissions of the lists too. She will also use the new categories list as different Forms on the site the hotel site. So that the clients can subscribe by their own in the insurance categories.

      See detail here:




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