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You can still see actions for deleted notifications placeholder through the management toolbar



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add Web Content folder to page
      2. Edit Web Content folder
      3. Under Structures Restrictions and Workflow, select Default Workflow for This Folder
      4. Select Single Approver
      5. Go to folder and add WC article
      6. Delete WC article
        Note that this issue is not specific to Web Content or any component but Notifications. The reason these steps were added was to be able to get to a point where there is a deleted notification in the Notifications page.
      7. Go to User > My Account > Notifications
      8. Assert notification/placeholder displays as Notification no longer applies. Notification for My Workflow Tasks was deleted.
      9. Assert no actions or vertical ellipsis display next to the notification
      10. Select checkbox next to the notification

      Expected results:
      Checkboxes are also removed, so users do not have the option to select it and perform actions from the management toolbar. The notification is only a placeholder and will be removed anyways once you refresh the page.

      Actual results:
      There is no options under the entry/placeholder, but you can still perform the same actions when you select its checkbox and choose an action from the management toolbar. Deleting, marking as read, marking as unread will just remove the notification from the page (since page is refreshed)

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.6 + MySQL 5.6
      Portal master GIT ID: 5361b3dc3c9aff9c105607d4a612599f7ed6aeb7


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