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UI/UX inconsistency with SearchContainer use and links from entries therein


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      This is a quite broad request to look over uses of SearchContainer throughout the administrative UI, e.g. Control Panel and Site Administration and think about the expected vs currently exposed behavior.

      As an example, I'll use the Control Panel / Sites / Sites listing (screenshot attached).

      • When you create a new Site (+ button), the next form will be the site's Site Settings.
      • Site Settings are the second entry down in the "Action/Kebap" menu of the line (screenshot), despite being the default target of "Add Site".
      • When cllicking on an existing site's name, user ends up at the site's "Pages" configuration.

      Similar example:

      • User Groups: Addin a user group ends up in the listing of the existing user groups (side effect: This might not be ideal if there are hundreds of user groups - After creating another Usergroup, the admin needs to remember&search for it in order to do anything with it)
      • Clicking a Usergroup's name brings us to the "Assign Members", which otherwise would be the fifth entry down in the "Actions/Kebap" menu

      In contrast to User Group:

      • Look at Roles: Adding a new role stays on the same screen, just now with enabled "Define Permissions" and "Assignees" tabs.

      Suggestion/request/bug report is on bringing a desired and standardized behavior into Lexicon, then implement this behavior everywhere. The 3 samples that I've given are just that: Samples.




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