This epic collects all those tickets we want to work on for a more clean UI in Portal that will improve the UX.


      High Priority:

      1. LPS-78783 Small labels style. Accessibility
      2. LPS-88071 Cleaning boxes
      3. LPS-88070 User portrait must be placed in a circular sticker.
      4. -LPS-88504- Presentation Image for 7.2
      5. LPS-89161 Pagination bar button size
      6. LPS-89471 Search container card number per line
      7. LPS-80703 Loading indicator space to the top. Just change it if it is part of the dataset display or search container.
      8. LPS-81195 Page tree interaction problems
      9. LPS-90186 Change DXP logo
      10. LPS-91546 Users Screen Name Bookended With Spaces Causing Underline Overage
      11. LPS-91547 Active tab inside forms in modals
      12. LPS-91551 Alerts to have actions as secondary buttons

      Mid Priority:

      1. LPS-78605 Url text field. It would be nice but it can maybe take too much time to do it. Let me know if the change is somehow direct or not.
      2. LPS-80786 Change distance and icons for buttons + and -. Where does this appear?


      Low Priority:

      1. LPS-78591 Info panel
      2. LPS-80450 Unify checkboxes style. This will come gradually with the change to new cards, tables and lists. The rest will be inside forms. At that moment, when only forms are left, we can retake it.
      3. LPS-81676 Change title links in tables font weight to semibold (600)
      4. LPS-88502 Single selection to remove Choose button. We are going to look for a standard solution on the item selector component.
      5. LPS-89160 Negative schema for inputs


      In priority review:

      1. LPS-78600 Product menu badge style missing
      2. LPS-80719 [Sites] Apply Edition mode button styles to sites environment



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