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Property portlet.container.restrict is not working with Portlets rendered by TemplateProcessor



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Place this file in your /osgi/configs before starting Liferay (only necessary on master and 7.1.x);
      2. Startup Liferay DXP;
      3. Deploy the attached Layout Template according to respective DXP you're testing (you can use the same .war file for both master and 7.1.x);
      4. Go to Content > Web Content and add two different Basic Web Contents ("Content 1" and "Content 2", for example);
      5. Now go to Site's Page administrator and add a new Public Page using the new custom Layout Template;
      6. Go to that page and add a Web Content Display Portlet from the right sidebar;
      7. Choose one from the two Web Contents previously created to be shown on the Web Content Display;
      8. Now, inside the Asset Publisher Portlet that was already at the page, click on the other Web Content that you've created (different from Web Content Display's).

      Expected Behavior
      The Web Content Display shows the Web Content you previously chose in this Portlet's configuration.

      Actual Behavior
      The Web Content Display shows the Web Content you clicked on the Asset Publisher Portlet regardless of the first Portlet's configuration.




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