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Return highlighting snippets for all matching translations regardless of display language


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      This Story implements logic that allows several languages to be targeted in the same search for Journal Articles; and search engine results must return “multi language snippets” (like `snippet_content_en_US` or `snippet_content_pt_BR`) for all languages potentially matching.

      However, currently we build a highlighting request that targets only one locale:


      Visually, this can be noticed when searching from the Liferay Search Page with results displayed in Document Form. There will be no snippet field for languages other than current display language; so no yellow highlight even if there's a matching word in other translations.

      Breaks tests:



      `org.junit.ComparisonFailure: expected:<...e great for telling [<liferay-hl>time</liferay-hl>]> but was:<...e great for telling [time]>`


      `org.junit.ComparisonFailure: expected:<On clocks and [<liferay-hl><liferay-hl>time</liferay-hl></liferay-hl>]> but was:<On clocks and [time]>`

      Tests break because in `SearchContext` (and its `QueryConfig`) the only locale is BRAZIL, therefore only snippet fields like `snippet_content_pt_BR` are requested from the search engine.

      `HighlighterTranslator` currently takes a list of base names and a single locale; it probably needs to receive a list of fully resolved field names instead.




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