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Missing Add Organization option after upgrade



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Upgrade the attached DB to master
      2. Make sure you can upgrade successfully and bundle can be started as expected after upgrade
      3. Go to Control Panel > Configurations > Search > Execute Reindex all search indexes
      4. Go to User and Organiztaion
      5. Assert Organization1 added in pre-upgrade listed as an exist org
      6. If you can not find Organization1, go to add a new Organization2 and renavigate to Organization
      7. Click Action button followed Organization1 to Add Orgnization

      Expect Result
      Able to add sub-org for Organization1 via action button

      Actuall Result

      1. No Add Organization option for Organization1 in Acton button
      2. When navigating or add new organization, there is a console error like following on master and 7.1, not shows on 7.0's console:
        2018-12-06 09:54:00.983 ERROR [http-nio-8080-exec-2][OrganizationTypesSettingsImpl:119] Unable to get organization type: regular-organization




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