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Redeploying module with resource actions XML doesn't refresh portlet permissions


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      Problem description:

      When a portlet is made up only of {{MVCAction}}s it doesn't need to depend on other services / components. For example it doesn't depend on *-service module that contributes to portlet resource actions. When such contributing module is redeployed with resource action changes those changes are not reflected in resource permissions.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Stop portal if running
      2. Clean portal database
      3. Comment out resource.actions.configs in oauth2-provider-service/portlet.properties
      4. Build and deploy oauth2-provider-service module
      5. Start portal
      6. Go to Control Panel -> OAuth 2 Administration
      7. Verify there are error logs similar to
        com.liferay.portal.kernel.exception.NoSuchResourcePermissionException: {companyId=20100, name=com.liferay.oauth2.provider, primKey=com.liferay.oauth2.provider, scope=4}
      8. Undo changes in oauth2-provider-service/portlet.properties
      9. Build and deploy oauth2-provider-service module
      10. Wait for module deployment and visit again Control Panel -> OAuth 2 Administration

       Expected result: No error in logs
       Actual result: Again the same error log


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