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Clarify meaning of UAD's "Anonymous User" under "System Settings"


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      UAD creates an anonymous user (an actual User instance) and assigns anonymized UAD entities to this user as part of its "Erase Personal Data" process (see documentation). The configuration for this user is found in "Control Panel → Configuration → System Settings → Users → Anonymous User"

      The term "Anonymous User" may cause confusion in upcoming versions of DXP (7.2+) as the personalization feature will eventually support the concept of an anonymous user (aka: unauthenticated user or guest user), where certain sites and assets may be personalized for anonymous users (distinct from known registered users).

      Suggested Solution

      To reduce confusion, we should consider changing the verbiage. One simple suggestion would be to change the setting to "Anonymization" and the description wording from "Anonymous User" to "Anonymized User".

      So the settings would be "Control Panel → Configuration → System Settings → Users → Anonymization". Then, we can change the help text from "Anonymous User" to "Anonymized User". (e.g. "The company ID that the anonymous user belongs to" → "The company ID that the anonymized user belongs to").

      This would help clarify that this configuration isn't for anonymous users for the personalization feature, but specifically the User for which anonymized content is assigned to.




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