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Roles of different type with the same title cannot be distinguish when editing permissions




      Roles must have a unique value of key (in master and 7.1.x) or name (in 7.0.x). But they could have the same title, and this is the string shown to the user when editing permissions for an object or asset.

      If a customer creates, say both a regular and a site role with the same title, they'll have a hard time distinguishing the two at the time of defining permissions to assets and other objects.

      In Liferay 6.2, the role title was accompanied by a little icon hinting at the type of role, although there was no tooltip confirming this.

      Reproducing steps

      1. Create two roles of a different type (say, a regular one and a site one) with the same title.
      2. For the Hello World Portlet, click on the 3-dot menu > Permissions
        Expected: The two roles created in step 1 can be distinguished somehow, one being a regular role and the other a site role.
        Observed: There is no easy way to distinguish between the two roles.




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