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  2. LPS-88300 Deprecate NTLM in portal distribution
  3. LPS-88857

Provide instructions on how to deploy NTLM as a separate module if customers need it.


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      NTLM is a suite of Microsoft security protocols that provides authentication to users, is implemented in a Security Support Provider, which combines the LAN Manager authentication protocol + NTLMv1 + NTLMv2 + NTLM2 Session protocols in a single package.

      NTLM passwords are considered weak because they can be brute-forced very easily with modern hardware.

      If you want to continue using NTLM as an authentication system, you must download the corresponding deprecated module from the Liferay marketplace:

      Installing through Liferay Portal App Manager

      1. Review app documentation for any specific installation instructions
      2. Login to your Liferay Portal instance with administrative permissions
      3. Navigate to Control Panel, then Purchased Apps
      4. Click install

      Installing App manually

      1. Login to Liferay.com
      2. Navigate to Account Home, then Apps
      3. Click the Project for which the app was purchased for
      4. Click the app
      5. Find the file for your desired Liferay Portal version, then click the App button
      6. Review the app documentation for any specific installation instructions
      7. Drop file into the deploy folder


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