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Pagination and results are inconsistent in web content menu pop-up



      Pagination does not work as expected when selecting a structure to create web content

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Start up Liferay
      2. Sitename > Content > Web Content > Structures [Tab] > Press icon > Type a structure Name > Drag in a default value (e.g., Boolean) > Press Save
      3. Create at least 25 structures using the above method
      4. With at least 25 structures created please note that while still inside the Structures [Tab], pagination works as expected. The number of entries listed per page is correct
      5. Move to the Web Content [Tab] > Press icon > Press (More) button
      6. With Show Entries set to 20 per page - the total number of entries (more than 20) are visible on both pages 1 & 2
      7. With Show Entries set to 10 per page - this results in 4 pages being created but again all entries are visible on all pages

      Expected Result
      The pagination corresponds with the number of structures on a page.
      The number of pages corresponds with the Show Entries value selected by the user
      Example: If there are 20 structures and the Show Entries (per page) is set to 10, then there will be 2 pages each containing 10 structures

      Actual Result
      Pagination does not correspond with the number of structures per page
      Changing the Show Entries value DOES increase and decrease the number of pages as expected, but still all structures are displayed on all pages

      Reproduced in
      7.1.x (b3030b198b69e2e41dcd982838c33438e3680f75)
      Master public (413d61f158d682e42378f27dee52ad38d8c16297)





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