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Cannot Drag Image from top content line in IE11 using Alloy Editor




      Images can no longer be moved once repositioned or added to the top line of a blog post entry when using alloy editor in Internet Explorer 11.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Using IE 11, create a new blog entry
      2. Add some text in the content, then add an image in the body of the text
      3. Move the image using the drag arrows up to the top line of the content

      Results of Testing

      Expected Result: Image would still be movable
      Actual Result: Image is not movable, as the drag slider is now hidden (see exception in my note)

      Note: The issue is only reproducible at certain image sizes. If you resize the image to a near-minimum size, the drag arrows can be used again. Conversely, if the image is large enough the drag arrows will sometimes show up again at the top of the image.

      Also potentially of note: If you click and drag the image up to the subtitle or title section, the image disappears entirely (though sometimes the hovering image placement menu is still visible). I'm not sure why, but in the client's environment, when trying to move an image to the front of a Web Content article (see second attached gif), image shows up in the Title Section instead of disappearing.

      Here are the use cases in which this issue is present in the client's environment (are they the same root cause?):
      i) In Web Content, images are moving to the title section if placed to the left of the first word in the content section (not reproduced)
      ii) In Blogs, an image becomes immovable if placed at the beginning of an entry (reproduced)
      iii) In Blogs, an image is sometimes forced to the beginning of the content section instead of appropriately placed in-line (not reproduced)
      iv) In Web Content, attempting to move images in-line sometimes moves the image to the title section instead (not reproduced)


      No errors


      Hash#: 0fbc0a05c8b09d5c741a637e588ff232e079b1e5


      Hash#: 25540721e7a967c7780a7304eea39b4e82d366ea




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