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Navigation menu item missing reference is not working if you exporting/importing in same Liferay installation



      Navigation menuitem has always a reference to its layout.
      That reference is not correctly checked in case you exporting/importing in same Liferay installation and menuitem is not correctly imported.
      Correct behavior would be to stop import operation in case there is a missing reference.

      Root cause of this issue is Layout missing references are checked in this order: (1st) destination site, (2nd) parent sites of destination site (3rd) any site of destination site company, so import operation will find the original Layout from original site in case they are in same instance.

      That behavior cannot be modified as is a Staging generic behavior.

      The problem is not reproduced in case you export/import in a different Liferay instance.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create two sites called site1 and site2
      2. Create a page called page1 in site1
      3. Create a navigation menu called menu1
      4. Add a navigation entry linked to page1
      5. Export a LAR file with all site navigation menus
      6. Go to site2
      7. In navigation menu section, go to export/import menu
      8. Import second exported LAR file
        • Expected behavior: A missing reference error message is displayed
        • Wrong behavior: Imported menu1 is empty


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