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Wrong paginator URL in Asset Publisher when current URL have a categoryId parameter



      Pagination URLs created by Asset Publisher do not contain parameter 'categoryId' when current URL also contain this parameter. 

      In this way, first page will be paginated filtering by 'categoryId' but rest of pages won't be filtering.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create category 'cont'.
      2. Create almost 3 contents adding category created in step 1.
      3. Create 1 or 2 more contents without category (in order to check if pagination is working).
      4. Add an Asset Publisher to a page. Configure Asset Publisher in this way:
        1. Go to Asset Publisher Menu > Configuration > (tab) Display Settings.
        2. Set 'Pagination Type' to 'Regular'.
        3. Set 'Number of Items to Display' to 2.
        4. Disable 'Show Metadata Descriptions'.
        5. Save.
      5. Go to Asset Publisher page and select page 2 in paginator.
      6. Copy URL generated in the browser and change last parameter _cur=2 by _categoryId=[add categoryId from database, table AssetCategory].
      7. Go to Asset Publisher page by click in navigation menu (in order to avoid show parameters in URL, just page URL. For example http://localhost:8080/web/guest/home)
      8. Paste URL with categoryId generated in step 6 in browser, visiting this URL.
      9. Current page is filtering by categoryId.
      10. Click in page 2 of paginator

      Expected behavior
      Page 2 with filtering results are showed.

      Current behavior
      Page 2 show contents without any filtering by categoryId.





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