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AssetPublisher is imported without configuration in case of an Exception



      AssetPublisher is imported without configuration in case of an Exception during export/import operation.

      Root cause of the issue:

      • A try...catch of any Exception was added during portlet staging data handlers modularization to osgi (see LPS-56496)
      • In 6.x there was no try...catch there

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a new site
      2. Activate local staging
      3. Go to Staging environment:
      4. Create a page and add an Asset Publisher
      5. Publish to live
      6. Execute select * from Group_ where liveGroupid <> 0 and get the staging groupId of your site
      7. Execute following SQL update in order to cause an Exception. Note: replace <<GROUPID>> with your staging groupId
        update set preferences='<portlet-preferences><preference><name>anyAssetType</name><value>99999999999999999</value></preference></portlet-preferences>' 
        where plid in (select plid from Layout where groupId = <<GROUPID>>)
        and portletId like 'com_liferay_asset_publisher_web_portlet_AssetPublisherPortlet_INSTANCE_%'
      8. Go to Control Panel => Configuration => Server Administration => Resources and clear all Liferay caches
      9. Go to Staging and try publishing to Live:
        • Expected behavior: An error is produced and Asset Publisher changes are not published to live
        • Wrong behavior: A warn trace is written to log and changes are published to live


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