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Asset can be edited while under workflow review




      An asset, such as a web content, can be edited while it's under review in a workflow by a user who isn't assigned. Always the latest version of the file is published when approved. This can lead to the reviewer unknowingly approving a new version that has been created during the review process.

      Reproducing steps

      Here we use the example of a web content, but the same problem affects blog entries and other assets.

      1. Create a user reviewer01 with role Portal Content Reviewer.
      2. Create a user user01 with permission to Add Web Content Article
      3. With user01, activate the Single Approver workflow for web contents. (Go to Content > Web Content > i-button > 3-dot button > Edit > Select Single Approver.)
      4. With user01, add a new web content and Submit for Publication.
      5. With user reviewer01, go to My Workflow Tasks > Assigned to My Roles and assign the web content to you.
      6. With user01, edit the web content to modify the description.
      7. With user reviewer01, approve the web content.
      8. With user reviewer01, inspect the web content you've just approved.
        Observed: The published web content is the one modified latest (by user01) instead of the version that reviewer01 was reviewing and expected to be published.
        Expected: The expected behavior could be that only the user assigned to reviewing that asset is able to edit it.


      1. It may happen that both user01 and reviewer are editing the web content at the same time. Say_user01_ edits the web content with some changes. If reviewer makes other changes and tries to save, reviewer will get an error message: "Error:Another user has made changes since you started editing. Please copy your changes and try again."
      2. When editing an asset under a workflow in process, a message shows up informing that some actions may be disabled depending on the status and the role. ("There is a publication workflow in process. Some actions may be disabled depending on the status and your role through this process.")




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