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Elasticsearch client dropping documents without reporting server errors



      Steps to reproduce

      Start a vanilla Elasticsearch 6.5 server, without language analyzer plugins. (This is to force errors when indexing Liferay documents.)

      Add any content with multi language fields (web articles, document files etc.)

      Perform a full reindex.

      Observed: Elasticsearch errors in the Elasticsearch console (missing language analyzers).

      Observed: Documents are not indexed; zero search results.

      Expected: Elasticsearch errors in Liferay logs, when "log exceptions only" is enabled; Liferay exceptions in Liferay logs, when "log exceptions only" is disabled.

      Observed: No indication of why documents are missing; No errors of any kind in Liferay logs.


      Alternate steps to reproduce (doesnt require configuration of elastic server)

      Go to Control Panel > Configuration > System Settings > Search > Elasticsearch 6,  paste into Additional Type Mappings:


      Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Search, Reindex all search indexes.

      Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Custom Fields > Document > Add a Text Field called "test", under Advanced Properties, select searchable AS TEXT

      Go to Document and Media > Add a Document ("File Upload") called "doc" and in the Test custom field, put the word text

      Publish the document and see ERROR in tomcat logs


      For additional logging, Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Server Administration > Log Levels, set "com.liferay.portal.search.elasticsearch6" to WARN



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