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Images in structures and templates do not survive after an upgrade 7.0 > 7.2



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start up 7.0 Liferay
      2. Create a complex structure and template
        1. Use the following variations in the legacy structure
          1. Localizable
          2. Repeatable
          3. Required
          4. Predefined values
          5. Have some fields nested
          6. Include images + documents and media fields
      3. Publish a web content article that uses this structure (also upload documents and images) and display it in a web content display portlet.
      4. Create an additional structure that uses the structure from Step 1 as a parent structure (At structure create screen -> Select the "Details" tab and select parent)
      5. Publish a web content article that uses this child structure and display it in a web content display portlet
      6. Upgrade to 7.2

      Expected result:

      Validate that all web content articles (along with their documents and images), structures, and templates survived the upgrade and you can still modify the web content articles, edit the structures/templates, and add additional web content using both structures

      Actual result:

      Image in Documents and Media web content does not survive upgrade and OpenStreetMap does not show up unless you open and save "Edit Web Content" first


      Reproduced on:

      Tomcat 9.0.10 + MySQL 5.7.

      Portal Master GIT  2af15486092a7bdec64eb341d71613201eb8910c


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