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Images added to web content and centered do not behave consistently in the UI on IE 11


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      When adding images to Web Content entries and centering the image using Alloy Editor in IE 11, the UI is not always consistent in regards to the the blue box surrounding the selected image and the floating menu UI showing that the image is centered.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Navigate to Site Administration > Content > Web Content
      2. Add a new Basic Web Content with at least a few words of text in the Content section
      3. Publish
      4. Add a picture to the beginning of the test content (same line)
      5. When image is added, the alignment text box will appear. Click center
        • Important if clicking elsewhere first, the issue will not reproduce

      Results of Testing

      Expected Result: The image would center, with the floating menu UI showing that the selected content is centered and the blue box extending all the way across the content section

      Actual Result: The image is centered, but the UI is inconsistent, as the added image does not have the centered button highlighted in the floating menu and the blue box doesn't extent to the edges of the content section


      Master: b0b10bb83dd164f4ff3cd71fe3d08b04af18296e
      7.1.x: 53cafd7e95601389cf813d8957db79946454bd10
      7.0.x: 267be27a07746c848bd2fe89f553b1bbafb00db2


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