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Improve accessibility of search container when paginating



      There are several issues related to our search container when paginating:

      • Arrow links to move backward or forward don't have any text. A possible solution could be add 'Next page' and 'Previous page' for screen readers (using class sr-only)
      • Link which shows the number of results and text 'Showing x to y of z entries' are not within a block semantic element. A possible solution could be include it inside a paragraph
      • Link which shows the number of results needs a explanatory text to better describe its function, like adding 'per page' at the end of the link for screen readers (using class sr-only)
      • Ellipsis for intermediate pages are wrong as text for links. They should be hidden for screen reader. A correct text for screen readers could be 'Inner pages'
      • Page numbers should have a support text for screen readers to indicate the page. It could be something like:
        <a href=""><span class:"sr-only">Página</span>2 </a>
      • The same than before for the two dropdowns (entries per page and inner pages). Page numbers should have a support text like 'entries per page' or 'page' respectively:
        <a href="">20 <span class:"sr-only">entradas por página</span></a>
        <a href=""><span class:"sr-only">Página</span> 5</a>

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start Master
      2. Go to Roles administration (Users -> Roles)
      3. If you have default data, in Regular Roles section you'll have 6 roles, but the search container is showing 5 per page so you can check the behavior while paginating.

      Expected behavior
      Search container should be fully accessible

      Actual behavior
      Search container is showing the issues described above


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