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Rename product menu entries and page types to make its meaning more clear


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      We have concluded, based on feedback, that the following name changes would help clarify the purpose of the associated applications and page types:

      • Within Product menu
        • "Content" -> "Content & Data"
          • Why? Because some of the entries within this section are not strictly content and that confuses some people.
        • Remove "Site" prefix in entries that have it (Site Memberships, Site Settings, ...)
          • Why? It's redundant and only a few entries have it, while theoretically it could apply to others. Also, there are use cases where sites are used to represent collaboration spaces, content spaces, ... and the word site is actually not the most appropriate for some of the users who access this part of the product menu
          • "Application Display Templates" -> "Widget Templates"
            • Why? In 7.1 the term Widget was introduced to refer to those applications that can be added to a page (in contrast to applications that are invoked from the product menu or that open in a pop-up). Application Display Templates only apply to this type of applications, so renaming it makes them easier to understand.
        • "Members" -> "People"
          • Why? Because there is a new entry now called "Segments" which is not specifically about members, but it's still related to people.
      • Page types:
        • "Content Page" --> "Standard Page"
          • Why? "Content Pages" were introduce in 7.1 with a first goal of making it simpler to create content-centric pages. In 7.2, this type of page has been greatly improved and can be used for many other purposes as well. In fact a page admin can add any desired widget to it. With these¬†improvements, we consider this type of page the most recommended for most use cases. We believe that renaming them to "Standard Page" will make it clear that it's the default choice and can be used for a variety of use cases, not only for displaying content. "Widget Pages" will continue to exist for pure widget-driven use cases and will keep its name.
      • Other
        • Rename "Element" as "Component" within Fragments administration and everywhere else necessary.
          • Why? Because the term "element" seems to mean that it's a simple thing, but this type of fragments can be complicated like a card. We believe that "Component" better reflects what are and what they will become over time.


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