Steps to reproduce:

      1) Start server and login as Admin.
      2) Navigate to Content -> Documents and Media section under site administration panel, and add a basic document with some title, say, '123'.
      3) Now click on the created document and give a comment on it, say, "hello".
      4) Again navigate to Content -> Documents and Media.
      5) Add a second document, give it a title, say, 'xyz' and save it.
      6) Search for a keyword, say, '123' in the search box on top of the Documents and Media admin panel.
      Checkpoint: It will list the document with title '123', without the comment.
      7) Refresh the page.

      Result: Search term has disappeared from the search Box and all the documents, along with comments are visible.

      Expected: Search term must be there, and you should see only the documents corresponding to the search term, without their comments. That is, exactly the same as prior to refreshing the page.




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