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Web Content Display Configuration Templates can replace JournalContentSearch entries



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Create a site
      2. Add two Widget Pages: Page1 and Page2
      3. Add Most Viewed Assets portlet to Page1
      4. Configure it: Asset Link Behavior: View in context
      5. Go to contents and add two Web contents: Content1 and Content2
      6. Add two Web Content Displays to Page2 and configure them to display WCD1: Content1 and WCD2: Content2
      7. Switch Local Staging on with default settings
      8. On Content2's Web Content Display, click "Configuration Templates"
        Click: "Save Current Configuration as Template", add a name and save it
      9. Go to Publishing -> Staging menu and start a publication with the default values

      Go to Staging Page1 and check the Content1's link, it directs to Page2 as the Content1 is displayed there (good behavior)

      Go to Live Page1 and check the Content1's link, it will show the content in the Most Viewed Assets portlet (wrong behavior)

      If you use the Publish to Live button (so Not the Publishing-> Staging menu), then the problem will be gone, however as soon as you use the Publishing-> Staging menu, the issue will reappear




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