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Incorrectly entered CAPTCHA still displays Success Page in forms



      Description of Issue:
      When a user types an incorrect CAPTCHA onto a form, the success page will be displayed to the user, although the database does not get updated with the form's inputs.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) Create a new Form inside Content > Forms
      2) Enable "Require CAPTCHA" on the form in the Settings menu on the top right hand corner
      3) Add some fields onto the form
      4) Create a Success Page within the form
      5) Publish the form
      6) Go to a page on a site within Liferay
      7) Add a Form widget onto the page
      8) Click "Select Form" and select the form that was created earlier
      9) Click "Save"
      10) Fill out the form, but enter the CAPTCHA incorrectly
      11) Submit the form

      Expected Results:
      An error message will be displayed ("Text verification failed.") and the user is prevented from proceeding.

      Actual Results:
      The Success Page is displayed to the user, who can then proceed without being held up.

      Branch: Reproduced (f6598a3747f684040ee74145808e203dfc1bd3a6)
      Master: Different Behavior (fd98fdbf6469dc24030b24659228f69dabc3aea9)
      For Master, the Success Page is not displayed, but the "Submit" button will spin indefinitely (no errors in log). Once I refreshed the browser page after waiting 15 minutes, a NullPointerException was thrown in the logs and the "Form is temporarily unavailable" message was displayed in the Forms portlet.

      1. The record does not get entered into the database when failing the CAPTCHA and when serving the success page, which is to be expected.




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