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Blog content imported from a blog portlet lar disappear after publish to live on a new instance site


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a public page , then add the blog portlet to the page , and add a comment to it.
      2. Export blog portlet (with comment)
      3. Create a new Instances(www.able.com), then visit the www.able.com:8080, then login and create a new site, and enable staging (enable Page Versioning and Select All)
      4. Navigate to staging site and add the blog widget to page
      5. Import exported blog LAR into staging site
      6. Assert blog and comment are displayed
      7. Enable Ready for Publication,thenPublish to live
      8. Navigate to live site
      9. Nothing appears in the page including the blog portlet


        1. Blogs-201905170133.portlet.lar
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          Felix Zhang
        2. image-2019-09-06-16-23-26-308.png
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          Gergely Mathe
        3. LPS-90551.lar
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          Cristina Gonzalez
        4. reproduce-lps90551.gif
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          Felix Zhang
        5. Step 1.png
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          Cristina Gonzalez
        6. Step 2.png
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          Cristina Gonzalez
        7. Step 3.png
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          Cristina Gonzalez
        8. Step 6.png
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          Cristina Gonzalez
        9. Step 9.png
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          Cristina Gonzalez
        10. Web_Content_Display-201905201009.portlet.lar
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          Cristina Gonzalez



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