Display links in asset publisher are encoded twice if you use non-english characters in url friendly title while creating a web content.

      And if you try to use the correct link you get "Asset Publisher is temporary unavailable". In logs: :" No JournalArticle exists with the key {groupId=10184, urlTitle=ل-test-ب, status=-1}"

      Steps to reproduce 1:
      1- Create a test widget page, by going to Build > Pages > New > Public Page
      2- Open this page and add an asset publisher to this page.
      3- Click on its Options > Configuration > Display Settings and check "Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page " and Save.
      4- Now create a Basic Web Content with a title and friendly url like: "ل-test-ب", fill other fields as you like, select test page as display page.
      5- Go to test page on the asset publisher and put cursor on your newly created web content without clicking.
      6- You see url titles that are encoded twice, %25 is % encoded. (In urlTitle column of JournalArticle table it's correct, one time encoded.)

      Actual Result:
      You see link like:

      Expected Result:





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