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Adding repeatable fields mixes up ordering of fields and produces null values



      When adding an instance of a repeatable field for Web Content, if values are not added for some locales before publishing, then when viewing those locales, the new repeatable field will lose its position (ending up as the last one) and it will have "null" as a value.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a structure with a text field and make it repeatable and localizable
      2. Create a template for the structure
      3. Publish web content with at least 2 instances of the repeatable field and create a localization for each of them (fill in a value for each of the fields for both localizations)
      4. Edit the web content and add another repeatable field in between the 2 original instances
      5. Publish the content
      6. Edit the web content again and verify that the default language shows the repeatable instances of the field in the order that they were added
      7. Switch to the other localization

      Expected result: For the non-default localization, the repeatable instances of the field are still in the correct order (the order they were added) and the field is blank in both localizations
      Actual result: For the non-default localization, the new repeatable instance has been moved to the end, and the field has "null" as a value


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