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Deactivate/delete users as part of modal dialog interactions



      The goal of this story is to remove the Deactivate User (step 1) and Delete Users (step 5) steps from the current wizard. When an admin clicks "Delete Personal Data", he should be taken directly to the Review Data dashboard.

      We should replace the current wizard-like steps with the following behavior:

      Deactivate User

      • When an admin clicks "Delete Personal Data" for an active user, show a modal dialog from the Users table page with the following text:
        • Title: Deactivate User
        • Content: The user must be deactivated before starting the data erasure process. Click OK to deactivate the user.¬†(Same as current description)
      • Clicking "Deactivate" or "OK" deactivates the user and navigates to the review data dashboard.
      • Clicking "Cancel" stays on the Users table page.
      • This step is not needed if the user is already inactive.

      Delete User

      • After all personal data has been deleted/anonymized (including reviewable and auto-anonymizable data), navigate to a new page (not a new tab) that shows a success empty state (see "Empty state for success": link) AND
      • Show a modal dialog with the following text:
        • Title: Delete User
        • Content: All personal data associated to this user's applications has been deleted or anonymized. The user can now be deleted.¬†Click OK to delete the user.
      • Clicking "Delete" or "OK" deletes the user and navigates back to the Users table.
      • Clicking "Cancel" stays on the empty success state.




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