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Some images not working when using official Docker image



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Execute docker run -it -p 8080:8080 liferay/portal:7.1.2-ga3 or docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v /PATH/TO/YOUR/RUNDIR:/etc/liferay/mount liferay/dxp:7.1.10
      2. Click "Sign In"
      3. Click "Forgot Password"
      4. Instead of the captcha image the text "Text to identify is shown"

      (You can also check control-panel -> configuration -> server administration and see the server resources images missing)


      When running the official CE 7.1.2-ga3 or DXP 7.1.10 Docker images, some portal images don't show, like the captcha or the memory used by the server in "Server Administration".

      Environment: Windows 10 with Docker Desktop (Docker Engine 18.09.2), also confirmed on MacOS 10.14.3. Docker (31259) (Docker Engine 18.09.2)

      Not reproduced in a regular 7.1.3-ga3 Tomcat bundle.

      Current behavior

      Instead of the captcha the text "Text to identify is shown". Instead of the Server resources consumption graphs, nothing is shown

      Expected behavior

      Captcha and other images are shown when running the official Docker image




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