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Improvements in Display Pages creation flow



      The concept of Display Pages was introduced in Liferay 7.1 as a way to allow an automatic (and dynamic) creation of pages that display a content (in particular a web content). This is very powerful and allows content to become first class citizens in a web site, instead of requiring a manual creation of a page to display it. However we have also found that its a confusing concept to understand.

      Here are some common misunderstandings that we have found:

      • Users expect the display pages to show in the list of pages for the site. When this happens, it's necessary to explain that what we currently call "Display Page" is really a "Page Template" which is used to create a page on the fly for each content. So what we would show is one (virtual) page for each content, but is that scalable if there are thousands of content? Also, it opens up the question of where to show the (virtual) pages in the page hierarchy.
      • Users often ask what's the difference between web content templates and display pages (for web content). In reality they have a lot of similarities, but we currently present very separate from each other and as if they were very different things.

      The goal of this spike is to explore possible improvements that would prevent or mitigate these and other similar misunderstandings.




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