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User is unable to change their password if their current one is expired



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a public user (e.g user1)
      2. Create a new password policy as the following settings
        Name: test policy
        Password Changes: Changeable Yes
        Password Expiration:
          Enable Expiration - Yes
            Maximum Age - 2 Weeks
            Warning Time - 1 Weeks
            Grace Limit - 1
      3. Assign user1 to test policy
      4. Change User_.passwordModifiedDate in the database to 1 month ago to simulate the password expiration
      5. Navigate to Control Panel > Configuration > Server Administration
      6. Clear the database cache
      7. Log in as user1
      8. Note that login is successful due to the grace limit set to 1
      9. Note that a warning message "Your password is expired. You have 0 grace login(s) remaining." is displayed
      10. Go to My Account and change the password

      Expected result
      The user can change their password normally.

      Actual result
      "Your request failed to complete." is displayed and the user can not change their password.


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