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Invitation mail is sent to user before approval in Calendar



      Description of Reported Issue:
      In Calendar configured with Single Approver Workflow, when a user is invited for an Event, the Invitation mail for the event is sent to the user, before the approval of approver.

      Steps to Reproduce.

      1. Start a clean instance of Liferay
      2. Mail Configuration
      2a. Goto Control Panel-> Configuration -> Server Administration -> Mail
      2b. Configure Outgoing SMTP Server
      2c. Give the values as, Outgoing SMTP Server as 'smtp.gmail.com' and Outgoing Port as '465' (Make sure you actually have it set up correctly). Otherwise, you can use (http://nilhcem.com/FakeSMTP/) if you do not know how.
      2d. Check the box for 'Use a Secure Network Connection'
      2c. Give username as mail id and password as the respective password of the mail-> Save
      3. Configuring Workflow
      3a. Goto Control Panel-> Configuration -> Workflow Configuration
      3b. Edit Calendar> Select Single Approver Workflow -> Save
      4. Goto Site-> Add Calendar Portlet.
      5. Create a User A and make the user, site member of the Site which has Calendar Portlet.
      6. Goto Calender Portlet-> Add Event.
      7. Give title and description. Invitations-> add User A and Submit for Publication

      Actual Result: An invitation mail is sent to User A before the approval of the Event.

      Expected Result: The Event should be approved first and later an invitation mail should be sent to User A

      I have tested the reported behaviour on
      7.0.x -> Issue Reproduced -> Commit id: 31c7d9c08087339ba369a35e14a123676d7b9ef3
      Master-> Issue Reproduced -> Commit: 375ed3fa81aa4c621c09570901cf0f5cba592548




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                Version Package
                7.0.0 DXP FP80
       DXP SP11
                7.1.10 DXP FP10
                7.1.3 CE GA4