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Unable to import LAR from an older Liferay version with different default locales than the current version


    At some point, the default available locales for use has changed. Currently, when importing a Site LAR, the default languages of the LAR have to match the default languages of the current site. If the LAR actually has a translation that is not available in the current site, it is okay to either warn or tell the user that the lar cannot be fully imported. However, if the LAR only uses translations for content that is ALL available in the current site, but is not able to be imported because there is a mismatch in available languages, this can be a very big annoyance for users trying to import older Site LARs (even basic ones)

    Steps to Reproduce

    1. Import college-and-department-page-templates.lar from the dependencies folder

    Expected Result
    LAR imports succesfully

    Actual Result
    LAR fails to import

    Tested on Tomcat 9.0.10 + MySQL 5.7
    Portal master GIT ID: 4cfb56d6c360fcd2ba186823838cba798ed7347a




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