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As a marketer, I can hide criteria editors that are not in use



      Currently, the criteria editor shows User, Organization and Session -based criteria editors. Marketers should be able to add only editors they are going to use (e.g. only User, or only Organization and Context).

      Acceptance Criteria

      • A user can't drag and drop fields into the wrong criteria.
      • When a new segment is created and we are in read-only mode, the contributor area should be empty.
      • When a new segment is created and we are in edit mode, the sidebar shows up with the first group of fields selected, and the contributor area changes its style to inform the user that he/she can drop fields there.
      • If a marketer picks up a field and wants to add it, he/she drag it into the area and highlights and when he/she drop it the corresponding contributor shows up.
      • The editor should display the areas where the marketer can't drop the field disabled.
      • If you have a field for a contributor, and you want to add another field for another contributor, a new empty area shows up to indicate the user where he/she can drop the new one.
      • When a marketer picks up a field of a contributor that was created before, the editor should disable the other contributors.
      • When I clicked in another group of fields, the contributor area should change and display the new one.
      • If a user adds more information to the segment, the user can toggle to read-only mode, the user has to save the changes.

      Design Deliverable (review Workflow and Component page on Figma):


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