Reproduction steps:

      1. Use a vanilla master bundle.
      2. Create a site and enable local Staging.
      3. Upload to the documents and media a bigger quantity of the data (or place a debug breakpoint into one of the SMDHs: in doExport(..) or doImport(..) methods)
      4. Make a publication and cancel it when the process has reached more than 60%.

      Result: You will see that certain pages and documents are visible on the live site.
      Expected: Staging process should be either:

      • Completely "cancelable": full rollback on any published data (this is not implemented yet)
      • Cancel option should not be available for running Staging processes

      After discussing with SME, we are considering removing the 'Cancel' button for a running publication. The problem with it, is that if the process is stopped, in some cases some data is still punished to the Live site.

      The only case where this button has any valid value is only for canceling queued in publication processes.




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