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Options field name are shown instead of options labels on rule summary after saving form



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start up Liferay
      2. Go into Liferay DXP (Site) > Content > Forms
      3. Create a new form with the following content:
        1. Add a Single Selection - Title it "A", with two selections labeled "radio 1" and "radio 2"
        2. Underneath it, add a Select From List - Title it "B", with some manual data (arbitrary)
      4. Go to the Rules tab and create a rule with the following content:
        1. If "A" - "Is equal to" - "Value" - "Radio 1"
        2. Do "Show" - "B"
      5. Save the Rule
      6. Go back to the Forms tab
      7. Save form
      8. Go to Rules tab

      Expected behavior

      The rule summary will show "If Field A is equal to Value radio 1 Show B"

      Current behavior

      The rule summary will show "If Field A is equal to Value radio1 Show B" (notice that now there's no space between "radio" and "1"). The field name is being shown instead of the field label, which is inconsistent with the behavior of other fields.

      Additional notes

      • LPS-90832 covered a very similar case, which didn't involve saving the form (only the rule).
      • A similar behavior can be verified with Multiple Selections as well.

      Reproduced on
      master GITID 62b4d481d0d29eae24cb8825fb2ee4fdd4f6165e
      7.1.x GITID ed2e98e2d57bba728d34dbe7a5820bb52174424d




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                7.1.10 DXP FP10
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