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Warn users when deleting pages that are linked to, removing links if deleted



      Liferay provides a way to create a page of type link to another page. Also it's possible to add a page to a Navigation menu. In both cases if the page linked to is deleted, the admin should get a warning indicating that it's being referenced from another page or a menu (specifying which). If the admin still decides to delete the page, the references should be deleted as well.

      Currently the warning doesn't happen, and the references stop working. This behavior can be reproduced using the following steps:

      1. Create a new page
      2. Create another new page of type "Link to a Page of This Site"
      3. Link page to first created page
      4. Delete linked page
      5. Go to "Link to a Page of This Site" page

      **The first page is deleted and the link page is not found



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