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Article imported with a display page not yet imported loses the reference on publish with no warning



      Web content articles may be configured to have a specific display page, though they can then also be imported without necessarily having that page. If the article is edited, then, publishing a new version will silently delete the reference to the display page with no warning.

      Additionally, in 7.1, the missing page will cause an error in the JSP, so the article cannot even be edited normally.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a site, with a public page
      2. Add an Asset Publisher to the page
      3. Configure the Asset Publisher
        1. Navigate to Display Settings > Set and Enable
        2. Check "Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page"
        3. Save
      4. Create a new web content article
        1. Fill in a title and content
        2. Under Display Page settings, change "Default Display Page" to "Specific Display Page"
        3. Select the added public page
        4. Publish
      5. Export Web Content as a LAR (from the Web Content admin portlet; do not include pages)
      6. Create a new site, and import the Web Content LAR
      7. Check the JournalArticle table in the database, and note the layoutUuid for the newest article (the one imported to the new site)
      8. Edit the article, making no changes and simply publishing a new version
      9. Check the layoutUuid in the database again for the newest version
        Expected result: the layoutUuid is still present for the newest version (additionally, there should be some sort of warning that there is a currently invalid reference to a display page)
        Actual result: the layoutUuid for the new version has been silently deleted from the new version with no warning. On 7.1.x, the edit cannot even be completed due to errors from the JSP that appear in the console.


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