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      Changing the default language for an instance causes issues with generated urls. I have included the step to reproduce the issue below. Please note step 3-4 may not be necessary but I only saw the URL redirect in step 5 after adding a new instance and changing its default language for the 2nd isntance You may also need to restart liferay to see the effect. I also added a site just in case this was necessary to trigger the URL change.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Install liferay-ce-tomcat 7.1.2-ga3 and login
      2. Change the default instances language to English (UK)
      3. Create a 2nd instance
      4. Change the 2nd instance language to to English (UK)
      5. Log out and visit home page The home page url is redirected to  /en-US/web/guest/home. Previously there was no language locale in the url.
      6. Click on the "Sign in" link.

      Expected results

      login pop up present login form


      Actual results

      login pop up contains a copy of the home page


      You can also try logging in with /c/portal/login. The form is presented but logging in results in one being returned to the home page with the "sign in" link displayed.




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