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Headings inferring into accessibility problems due to bad use


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      The use of headings in Portal is not totally correct and we are inferring into accessibility problems due to semantic problems we are committing.
      I would say 90% of the answers are directly on Lexicon and Clay site.

      • Forms hierarchy: Clay
        • Form title: h2.sheet-title
        • Form section level 1: h3.sheet-subtitle
        • Form section level 2: h4.sheet-tertiary-title
        • H5 and H6 you will have to review it and probably change it to label html tag. Even some H4 may match this recommendation.
      • Tables: Clay
        • Title 14px semibold (600) #272833
        • Other texts 14px regular (400) #272833
      • Lists: Clay (there is a mistake in the site, please be careful)
        • Title 14px semibold (600) #272833
        • Other texts 14px regular (400) #6B6C7E
      • Rest of cases:
        • Emulate the same text configuration you see by using the typography definition at Lexicon
        • In some cases, there are headings that could be removed as the text is repeated. This happens in collapsible where unfolding you find a repeated title.
          Some other cases will need to change the markup to improve.

      IFI-582 contains a plugin to detect headings hierarchy that helps to identify errors 

      This epic is created to host all issues related to headings.

      Please ask the ux designer inside each team, otherwise address your question to team-lexicon






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