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Allow UTF-8 characters in site friendly URL



      LPS-65233 was the beginning of a wide initiative aimed at adding international URL support to DXP. Since then, some significant improvements have been implemented, like having multiple localized URLs (supporting UTF-8) for web contents.

      For the moment, these improvements have not reached site friendly URLs despite of some previous attempts (LPS-67886). 

      This feature request is to consider the support for UTF-8 characters in the site URL, whilst still keeping a single value for it, not a different one per language.

      This feature would allow to create site URLs much closer to the target audience of the site for the use case of monolingual sites not written in English, avoiding the problems of having variants of the URLs (such as SEO)

      To illustrate, consider the case of creating a site in Spanish to talk about the gnus. If a site named "ñúes". This makes the system to compute a friendlyURL "/nues" which means nothing in Spanish.


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