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"Fully realistic editing" claim is not fulfilled when translating standard/display pages to RTL languages



      • Have a site with all languages enabled
      • Create a standard page in the site
      • Add "alert simple primary" and "card-deck-3" fragments to it
      • Write "Left column", "Center column", "Right column" in the titles of each respective column in the 3 card. Write some text also in the alert. Publish the page
      • Select "ar_AR" in the language selector icon for the display page,  in order to translate the page to Arab. Please note that this language renders RTL
      • Enter some random text like "شلاؤ" in the alert. Change the title of the left-side column from "Left column" to "١" (1 in arab), change "Center column" for "٢" (2 in arab) and change "Right column" for "٣" (3 in arab). Publish the page
      • Checkpoint: you are viewing the standard page in "view mode" using en_US
      • Duplicate the tab, so that you have 2 exactly equal pages as described in the checkpoint
      • In one of them, enable the edit mode again, and select ar_AR from the language icon
      • In the other, prepend /ar at the beginning of the URL (or change /en by /ar if language is already in the URL)

       Observed: edit mode does not reflect what users will see.

      Edit mode renders LTR (note the "١" symbol rendered to the left, page order in the nav menu and text alignment of the alert fragment)

      View mode renders RTL (note the "٣" symbol rendered to the left, page order and text alignment in the altert)

       Expected: expectation is not clear, I see 3 options at least:

      • Disallow the selection of RTL languages when translating a display page in edit mode served using a LTR language (and the other way round)
      • If a RTL language is selected, then redirect to the page in that language so that it is fully rendered RTL (and the other way round)
      • Render the page portion (not the product menu) in RTL while being edited. This can be achieved changing the text direction of an specific <div> element in the page, even if the rest of it is LTR, as shown below. (some glitches would need to be polished, this is shown just to illustrate)

      Tested in master at 6d30aff6c2aebac750c630c0675d00eed025ca97




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