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RTL page renders as LTR when navigating from the Asset Publisher to the Display Page and the content is not translated to the target language


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      This ticket may share root cause with LPS-92643 (or it's closely related)

      • In a site with all locales enabled, create a display page for basic web contents.
      • Add a text fragment and map it to the content field of the web content. Save
      • Mark it as the default display page
      • Create a basic web content, ensure it only has the default translation (en_US), publish
      • Add a AP widget to the home page of the site, ensure the new content is shown
      • Switch current language to arab by prepending /ar to the URL path (or set Arab as your language from account settings and then access to the page)
      •  Checkpoint: All the page is displayed in Arab, rendered RTL. Asset publisher widget shows the basic content in English
      • Click on the web content title to navigate to the display page

       Observed: user is taken to http://localhost:8080/ar/web/guest/-/basic. Despite of the fact that URL includes the language (ar), the page is rendered LTR and most of the text is in English (there are Arab translations available):
       Expected: page should be rendered RTL




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