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Add "My Sites" menu item to Personal Menu for quick inter-site navigation




      Create a menu item for the Personal Menu to navigate between sites called "My Sites". This menu item behaves the same as the compass icon next to the site name in the Product Menu.


      1. Allow users to quickly navigate between sites without navigating to the Product Menu. Our goal is for the Product Menu to focus on content/site/system administration. 

      2. Hide the Control Menu for regular users that do not have access to any site admin portlets in the Product Menu. The Control Menu should only be required when performing elevated tasks. However, right now the Control Menu will be visible even for regular users because the compass icon in the Product Menu is necessary to navigate between sites. By making the compass icon (and the "Go to Site" menu item) not count toward showing the Product Menu, we can hide the Product Menu thus hiding the Control Menu for users who do not have elevated access.


      • Add "My Sites" to the top of the Personal Menu (above "My Profile" and "My Dashboard")
      • Clicking on "My Sites" shows the "Select Site" dialog (same as clicking the compass icon)
      • The compass icon and "Go to Site" menu items in the Product Menu do not count toward showing the Product Menu.
      • (The following¬†should occur dynamically): If the user does not have access to Control Panel or Site portlets (nothing in Product Menu), the Product Menu will not be shown, and in turn the Control Menu will not be shown (assuming the user does not have access to any other Control Menu icons)




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