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Granting the user with a Web Content > Web Content: Add Folder permission can see the structures while selecting the ‘+’ button.



      Reproduction steps:

      0.) Use a vanilla bundle with the latest fix pack.

      1) Create a Web Content Structure and associated Template (with default Guest permissions).

      2) Create a Site Role with the following permissions:

      Site Settings > Site: View Site Administration Menu
      Web Content: Access in Site Administration
      Web Content > Web Content: Add Web Content
      Web Content > Web Content: View

      3) With a new user navigate to "Content -> Web Content", and select the "+" icon in the top right to create a new piece of Web Content.

      Expected behavior: the Structure created in step (1) is presented as an option in the popup to create the Web Content with.

      Actual behavior: the user is immediately presented with a new Web Content screen with the out-of-the-box "Basic Web Content" structure and template pre-selected.

      Workaround: add the following permission to the Role created in step (2):

      Web Content > Web Content: Add Folder

      The user is now able to view the structure created in step (1) when they select the "+" icon to create a new piece of Web Content.

      The ability to utilize a custom Structure when creating Web Content should not be contingent on the user also having the ability to also create a Folder.


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